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Diseminado 36, 35507 Tahíche

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House Zonzamas

4-8 persons, from 107€/day

This house is composed of 4 double bedrooms and an inner courtyard. It is a perfect stay for groups and families.
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Apartment Taro

1-2 persons, from 50€/day

The outlying apartment and its private garden offer much space for silence and great relaxation.
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Fayna, Ico & Tirma

each 1-2 persons, from 45€/day

Fayna, Ico und Tirma are three cosy studios with seperate terraces and entrances.
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About the Finca

Finca Juamar consists of one house, one apartment and three studios and is situated in Tahíche, built on a volcan. The land is about 7.000 square metres. It is a very quiet place, ideal for holidays in the country-side.